OYC's Secret Thirteen mix now available
Recently we were asked to create a one hour mix for Secret Thirteen, a web journal focusing on exclusive mixes by artists, musicians and others. As they put is, "Our mixes are heterogenous and eclectic creatures, usually dense in rotation, expressing the adventurous and diverse tastes of participating artists." With something like this it helps to have an angle, and while we were in Barcelona last year playing Casa Bonay we saw an exhibition by UK artist Melanie Smith of the most incredible, hallucinogenic films, including one that documented Fordlandia, an abandoned settlement in the Amazon set up by Henry Ford soon after the First World War (see excerpts here). Melanie's film is amazing and became our inspiration. Anyway, enough blah, you can listen to the result here.

OYC's debut album SCENE IN MIRAGE reissued on vinyl and CDr
We're extremely pleased to announce that our 1984 debut album is available on vinyl for the first time in decades thanks to the prolific Emotional Rescue label. Scene in Mirage may or may not be the "missing link between post punk and ambient" and features an electronic side and an organic side, along with extra tracks taken from the cassette version and a free download code for digital versions of the tracks. We think of everything, we really do. Listen and order from Juno or our Bandcamp page. There's also a CDr version available directly from us at the usual address.

NEW ALBUM in the offing
We're currently recording a new album, our first release of completely new material in - gasp - 10 years. With a bit of luck it'll be ready some time in the new year. More news as we get it.

Ocean Youth Club is our experimental electronic entity that allows us to indulge our non-Conjugate impulses. If that's wrong we don't want to be right. We've recorded a 12" and found a label, so it should be out eventually.

This remix 12" is now complete and awaiting release on the Utter label (through Phonica). It features the 'dry' version of this track from 'Equator', along with remixes by Tolouse Low Trax, John Howes and OYC.

NTS RADIO SESSION is still available
Listen to four tracks of embryonic new OYC material here, recorded at Flesh and Bones Studio, Hackney, on March 4th 2018.

Next year will see reissues of both 'Into Dark Water' and 'Equator'. Also we've more live dates planned in Europe - assuming the borders won't be closed by then.

OYC ❤️ Barcelona
On Sun 20th May we played our first gig outside northern Europe at the incredibly excellent Casa Bonay in Barcelona. Actually we played twice, first as Ocean Youth Club, an experimental electronic entity, and an hour later as O Yuki Conjugate. Massive thanks to JD Twitch from Optimo in Glasgow for fab sounds, Dani for putting us on and all the lovely people at Casa Bonay for making us so welcome. Invite us back any time.

10" EP on red vinyl
Imaginatively entitled "Untitled", the four electronic, beat-driven tracks were made at home in 1983 and are OYC's first ever recordings. Apparently they "show OYC were doing mad and interesting things with machines as far back as ’83" and underscore how we're "an important missing piece of the UK DIY’s maddening, unsolvable puzzle." Couldn't have put it better ourselves. Find out more here.

2018 Euro minitour: a major success
Our March/April 2018 minitour of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands is now just a happy memory. Huge love to all those who helped make it happen, especially Till Kniola and Fré De Vos. And a plague of boils upon the lowlife who broke into our car in Amsterdam.

OYC on the radio
Following our gig at Flagey in Brussels we guest-hosted a two hour radio programme on The Word Radio, playing lots of OYC and a few tracks that influenced us. Big thanks to Mika for making us feel so welcome and not laughing at Roger's sausage-fingered mixing.

2017 Euro tour: mission accomplished
We're delighted to say our recent jaunt around northern Europe was a major success, taking in London, Munster, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Antwerp. Massive thanks to everyone who helped, with special love going out to Till Kniola (DJ Zipo), Mark Poysden, Sietse Van Erve, John Jakobs, Danielle Lemaire and Fré De Vos. Oh and of course the wonderful Jolanda. A tip o' the OYC hat to you all. Go to the Gallery page for pics (thanks Rog).

The Euphoria of Disobedience reissued in digipak format
Due to intense public demand we've created a digipak version of our 2006 album The Euphoria of Disobedience (TEOD) minus the infamous icetile that adorned the cover of the original. TEOD was a key release of OYC Mk III, featuring Rob Jenkins on guitar, keyboards and everything else. It was also the first release we described as "dirty ambient" - although we've become considerably dirtier since. Email us at the usual address if you'd like a copy.

OYC now on Bandcamp
OYC's page on Bandcamp is now live - click here to visit. So far we've added TROPIC, Equator (with bonus track), OYC25, The Euphoria of Disobedience (with bonus track), Peyote (with bonus track) and Into Dark Water (with two bonus tracks). All bonus tracks are available to buy individually. For those of you who don't know, Bandcamp is the musician's friend, giving a far higher percentage of each purchase to the artist than other digi sales platforms. What's not to like?

NEW OYC LP out now
Entitled TROPIC, it's our first release since 2011's Ambiguism boxed set and is available on limited edition CD and super-cool clear vinyl, as well as digital. TROPIC is a radical reworking of OYC archive material from the mid/late 1990s and appears on the auf abwegen label run by our pal Till Kniola based in Cologne, Germany. Buy CD and vinyl versions from aufabwegen, Soleilmoon (US buyers) or Phonica (UK buyers). Buy digital version via our Bandcamp page.

OYC track appears on compilation album Miracle Steps
Optimo Music have released a new collection of ambient, experimental and new age music titled Miracle Steps – Music From The Fourth World (1983-2017) on lovely vinyl with a lovely sleeve. It features classic OYC track Cloud Cover, alongside tracks by the likes of Jon Hassell, Jorge Reyes and David Cunningham. Find out more here

Close to the Noise Floor compilation now released
We're delighted to say that Cherry Red Record's four disc box set compilation of early 80's elecrtonica is now out. Featuring not one but two OYC tracks, it's packed with good stuff from all your favourite weirdos plus tracks from the likes of Blancmange, The Human League, OMD and Throbbing Gristle. Get it here while it's hot.

Visit OYC on Facebook and Bandcamp, or go to Andrew's Twitter page here and Rog's web page here, although we can't imagine why you'd want to.